How To Choose a Wedding Photographer

Choose a Photographer That Best Suits Your Style

Choosing a wedding photographer for your wedding can be exciting and stressful! I always start off a meeting by asking, what it is about my style that drew clients to want to meet with me! This gives me an idea of what they are looking for in a photographer. Most clients really have no idea what they are looking for when they look at a photo or what kind of services they need. If this is you.. You are not alone!

Every Photographer’s style is unique. First of all you will need to figure out what “Photography Style” is, and which one is a perfect fit for you! I recently read this in another wedding blog “If you choose a photographer thinking that they can shoot your wedding the same way that your best friend’s wedding photographer shot her wedding or if you put together a beautiful Pinterest board and give it to your photographer to shoot the images just like that, think again!” And its so true!

So what is Photography Style? Simply put, Photography Style is the way a photographer shoots and edits the images. The way that they see you and your wedding!

A Traditional Wedding Photographer:

A Traditional  photographer appreciates the staples of the wedding day. They ensure that specific poses are done, they work with a shot list and make sure that every traditional aspect of the day is photographed. Since its 2017 this should be a little more up to date then your mom and dad’s wedding album. But will have a similar feel. A very traditional photographer won’t focus that much on the in between moments and candid shots. Traditional Wedding PhotographerTraditional Groom Portraits

Am I a Traditional Photographer? Yes.. Yes I am! I find it important to capture a few traditional images during the wedding! Especially family photos. Not only will your family appreciate these photos but you will too, if not now, then down the road. I can’t tell you the number of clients I have met with who complain that their sister’s photographer didn’t shoot off a shot list and missed important family photos.

A Timeless Wedding Photographer

A Timeless wedding photographer is a photographer who’s images are not over-produced or over-edited. They are less “dramatic” in styling and posing. Timeless photographers generally love black and white photos. And they want to capture images that will stand the test of time over what is trendy. They are generally “a Romantic” and they imagine your kids’ kids swooning over your wedding photos!

Timeless Detroit Wedding PhotographerI Am I a Timeless Wedding Photographer? Yes, Yes I am! Ha. I can appreciate trendy and dramatic images but my heart is with the classic, timeless bride. I want the images to be high quality, something out of a magazine but also want you to be able to look back on them and not say “what was I thinking”!

Photojournalist Wedding Photographer

A term that is loosely thrown around. The goal of a journalistic photographer is to be unobtrusive, capture the wedding day as it unfolds, and not plan moments. A true journalistic photographer wont take posed photos, wont shoot off a shot list and will cringe at the idea of a Pinterest board!

Photojournalistic Detroit Wedding PhotographerAm I a Photojournalist!? Yes!

Some of my absolute favorite parts of the day is capturing those in between moments! That’s when you really capture the real smiles, the laughs, the tears! The images after the wedding where the bride and groom really relive some of their favorite moments of the day! I sometimes feel like a little moment sniper! Looking and anticipating what might happen and knowing exactly where I need to be to get the moment! Also these are the moments where a 2nd shooter is handy. They are my 2nd set of eyes where I can’t be, or they are covering the “safe” shots while I go for some candids!

A Fine Art Wedding Photographer

Fine Art Photographers, are more commonly known for those light and airy, film like images. But more simply put, a Fine Art photographer is doing more then just documenting the day. Every moment has the opportunity to turn into a piece of art, or a published piece. Fine art photographers are actively creating art while capturing the moments!

Fine Art Detroit Wedding PhotographerFine Art Detroit Wedding PhotographerFine Art Detroit Wedding PhotographerFine Art Detroit Wedding Photographer Amanda Dumouchelle PhotographyAm I a Fine Art photographer? Yup!

I have been published in several magazines for editorial and artistic images for both weddings and floral design. Always working to create art worthy images throughout the day to show off your inner model and those amazing details! I am not “light and airy” though. I’m more Art and Editorial then “Fine” I think!

Finally, there are more styles of photography, but these are some of the most common terms you will hear. You will find photographers that are strictly one style and some who dabble in 1 or 2. I believe that all of the styles are equally important when truly telling the story of a day! That’s why you also get “too many” images! You can’t provide Traditional family photos, happy and emotional moments, art gallery pieces and all of the details in just 400-500 images! At least I haven’t figured out how to do that!

The images in this gallery are from a an Elopement/Destination wedding in Italy. To see the full blog post click, Here! The reason I chose images from the same wedding and not from several was to show all of the different things I am looking for in your wedding!

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