Meg’s Portfolio Blog Post

Hi all!  If you don’t know me by now, I’m Meg, Amanda’s right-hand girl for all things!  This is my latest portfolio blog post!  It’s a way for you to learn a little about me and check out some of my favorite images from the last year!

Not only have I been shooting weddings with Amanda for the past 7+ years, I’m also her associate family and senior photographer.  I work in the office for Amanda as well, helping to organize both of our lives, design albums and help manage client communication!  When we aren’t together on wedding days, Amanda and I both photograph portrait sessions separately!  She’s busy shooting tons of engagement sessions these days in addition to family shoots; tis’ the season, and I have been working hard photographing families and seniors too!

I love when I leave a session and come away feeling like I’ve just made new friends with the people I’ve photographed!  I do my best to make my sessions as fun as possible and try to get to know people as best I can in the hour we’re together.  It’s important that people’s true personalities shine through in the images that I capture.  I want everyone to look back at the photos years from now and remember those moments.

Before I came on to work with Amanda, I got my start working at Focal Point Studio of Photography in downtown Farmington.  There I photographed tons of seniors and families.  It was a great beginning!  I learned so much about lighting and posing and how to take the most flattering portraits of someone.   After I left Focal Point, I started my own lifestyle photography business, but missed collaborating with other photographers!  Last July, I joined forces with Amanda full time and am so happy to be here and working with her!  We make a great team and she’s also pretty hilarious, so that’s fun!  She inspires me and has taught me so much about the business.  I am forever grateful to be here working with her today!

When I photograph a family or a senior in high school now, I am always sure to capture a few traditional images that are typical crowd pleasers.  My background in traditional portrait photography has helped me immensely in my journey to where I am today!  However, my favorite images are those where families are just in the moment, laughing and interacting with each other.  Those lifestyle-type images are where Amanda and I thrive and what set us apart from other photographers.  It’s our understanding of relationships, families and children that we are able to connect with people and bring out true emotions.

So, without further ado…from our Spring Minis  at Graye’s Greenhouse, to some holiday photos from last winter, there’s a little bit of everything here in this post!  I hope you love it, and if we haven’t worked together already, I’d love to see you soon!

Family of 7 photographed sitting on a bed holding their newborn baby by Ann Arbor family photographerHigh school senior girl in downtown Detroit by Detroit Senior Photographer black and white photo of mom and dad and little boy cuddling on a bed by Ann Arbor family photographerFamily of five laughing together in a greenhouse by Ann Arbor family photographer